I am so sorry about what happened at your place that night. I truly am. I wish I would've done some things differently or left some of the words unsaid. Jonathan isn't talking to me, but I don't blame him. I'm trying to make things right here.

I tried to call you, but I guess you blocked my number and I deserve that. I acted like a moron and I don't have any good reason why. Allison told me about your convo at the balcony and how she threw the first punch. And about what she said. I don't know if she mentioned anything about a baby or what ever, but if so, she was lying.

I broke up with Allison. I don't know why I'm telling you that, but you guys were right about her. Maybe I was just trying to move on, even tho' I clearly wasn't ready. I'm sorry we barged into Krouvi that night. I'm sorry about what I said there. But I'm not sorry about the kiss.

To be honest, I think about it. Often. And I think about you. How I still miss you. But after a while I remember all the shit I've done and said. And I realize I fucked it all up. There is no way you'll ever talk to me. Not after what went down.

...what I'm trying to say, I'm sorry.
I really am.

- T

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